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“Our mission is to make our customers ‘members for life’. We balance the efficiency of new technology with the personal touch of highly trained and motivated, professional staff.”

Our vision “SCU will change the way people think about banking”

So, what works best for you?

Different companies see the world in different ways. Some spot a customer and turn their mind to how much money they can make from them. We don’t. In fact when you talk with anyone at SCU, you’ll find a refreshing approach.

It’s one that we very much hope you will like.

Every product or service that we offer you is based on how best we can look after you and help you to get the things that you want.

That includes finding ways to save – or make – you more money, and for your banking to be as easy and free as possible. We call it being More Generous.

There’s a reason that we do this. And it’s a straightforward one. Our view is that the more helpful and the more generous we are to you, the more likely you are to be our long term customer. And that really is the way to a very good deal for both of us.

Mutual benefits
SCU is a credit union – a mutual, which means unlike a bank, it is not a publicly listed company and so doesn’t have the pressure to maximise profits to pay external shareholders. Instead, it puts its profits back into better rates, fairer fees, responsible lending and outstanding customer service for its members.

Credit unions are regulated in exactly the same way as banks by the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA) and must meet the same strict standards. They also have the Government guarantee on deposits so your money is backed by the Australian Government.


19 Second Ave
Blacktown, New South Wales, Australia


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