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More Information:

South West Credit is Warrnambool’s own financial institution. It is the city’s only bank that is truly local.

South West Credit was formed in 1964 to meet the financial needs of the community and has grown over time to offer a range of banking products and services that would be found at any of it’s larger, national competitors.

While the offering and operations of the organisation have changed dramatically over time, its key focus on meeting members’ needs has been a strong constant and today continues to be the most important reason that South West Credit open its doors every day.

Located in the heart of the coastal city of Warrnambool, South West Credit has over 6,000 members and 13,000 clients. It is steered by a Board of Directors, consisting of a mix of dedicated community members carefully selected for their skill in the areas of finance, law, human resources, administration and community representation.

When you join South West Credit, you are not just a customer – you are a member and South West Credit is run by its members.

Becoming a member of South West Credit means you subscribe for a member share which is a redeemable preference share. This means that if you close your membership, we refund you the subscription price. Your member share is not transferable.

When you buy shares in South West Credit, you become a part owner – on equal standing with every other member. This means we are not subject to pressure from external shareholders to increase our profits. Our profits belong to our members and are returned through better interest rates, lower fees and increased services.


117 Lava St Warrnambool,
Vic 3280


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