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A big part of this is giving our Members a seamless digital banking experience on their PC, tablet and smart phone. We recognise that technology is continually changing and keeping up with it is more like a journey than a destination. What we did on our desktop computers five years ago, we do on our smart phones today. In another five years time, we might all be doing our internet banking on our watches…or with another device yet to be invented.

It’s a journey that we’re looking forward to helping our Members navigate…better.

Read on. We’re very excited to announce two new developments that are part of our Better Digital Journey.

Your Internet Banking log in details have not changed.
Security. Police Credit Union is committed to keeping Member transactions secure and you are still protected by Guardian Fraud Protection while transacting online.
All of your settings, payments and account names have not changed.
Our commitment to provide Members help when they need it. If you do require support with Internet Banking, you can call our friendly call centre on 1300 131 844.

Within Internet Banking there are many headings in the navigation that lead you to the things you want to do. For example, to see all of the accounts, you click on List of Accounts under the My Accounts navigation heading.

From the feedback that we’ve received, we’ve changed some of these heading names and where they belong to make them easier to understand and make the Internet Banking experience better.

While there are many small intuitive changes that you will discover as you use the new Internet Banking dashboard, the four main heading names that have changed are:

Transfer and Credit External has become Transfer Money (under the new Payments heading)


17-23 Carrington Street
Adelaide, South Australia


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