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At Beyond Bank Australia, we’re the other way to bank. What do we mean by that? It’s simple. We’re a mutual bank which is 100% owned by its customers; we believe in prosperity for the many, not just the few. This idea has always guided what we do, we believe in fairness – not greed. We use profits to benefit our customers and their communities. By putting the interests of our customers first, we’re able to offer benefits and rewards, such as lower lending rates, higher investment rates, lower fees and charges and community support.

CPS are one of Australia’s largest customer owned banks, with assets under management over $4 billion, 195,000 customers, 49 branches, access to over 3,000 ATM’s and 600 staff.

We provide personal and business banking services along with financial planning to our customers ensuring we are able to support prosperity for the many. We work closely with community groups to create good together, supporting charitable organisations and initiatives through fundraising, donations, and actively helping volunteering within the community.

Beyond Bank Australia is the trading name of Comm. CPS Australia. Prior to becoming a bank Community CPS was one of Australia’s largest credit unions.

It operated in the ACT and South Australia as Community CPS Australia, as Alliance One in regional northern South Australia , Wagga Mutual Credit Union and Companion Credit Union in New South Wales and United Community Credit Union in Western Australia. Eastwoods (a wholly owned subsidiary of Community CPS Australia) operated throughout these regions providing professional services in the areas of financial planning, accounting and taxation.

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100 Waymouth St
Adelaide, South Australia

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