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First, Central Murray CU started life as Yarrawonga Credit Union Co-operative Limited on the 8th August, 1972. Additionally, trading commenced in September 1972 in Belmore Street Yarrawonga. Also, after operating from several temporary offices, a permanent office was purchased in 1974 at 58 Belmore Street, from which we still operate today.

Furthermore, in 1995, a branch opened in Tungamah at an old bank site. The credit union now shares this office with the Tungamah Post Office. In addition, in April 2002, we changed our name from Yarrawonga Credit Union Co-operative Limited to Central Murray Credit Union Ltd.

Also, the credit union’s third branch was opened in May 2002 at 73 Punt Road Cobram. Equally, starting with limited deposits, the total assets of Yarrawonga Credit Union as at its first balance date of 31st March, 1973 was $16,536.00. The total assets under management of Central Murray CU as at the 30th June 2008 was $50,609,168 indicating that we have come a long way from the early days.

Finally, for a more detailed history of the credit union from 1972-1993, please read the First 21 Years of Yarrawonga Credit Union as written by Tom Etchells, a founding Director.

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58 Belmore Street
Yarrawonga, Victoria

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