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First, like many mutual organisations in Australia today, Big Sky is a composite of several former Credit Unions and Building Societies originally created to serve specific employers. Second, having started life as the BHP Employee’s Credit Co-operative some 40 years ago, we have over the years welcomed members of the Lysaght, BP and GMH Employee’s Credit Co-Operatives and the RACV Credit Union.

Moreover, since starting out as the BHP Employee Co-operative in 1971 we’ve come a very long way. Along the journey we’ve successfully merged with several Credit Unions; Lysaght, BP, GMH, RACV, opened our doors to the general public and diversified to better meet the ongoing needs of our members.

Furthermore, when BHP merged with Billiton Ltd in 2000 the then BHP Credit Union saw the need to make a change. The name Big Sky was chosen to represent our long association with BHP and to the resources industry. Further mergers with RACV CU, BP CU and GMH CU strengthened our member base.

In 2009 we also took the significant step of creating Big Sky Financial Solutions, broadening our offer to members to financial advice. 2011 saw further expansion in this area with Brisbane based MeritPlan, a boutique advice business, joining the fold. Also, in 2012 Big Sky gained 100% ownership of Big Sky Financial Solutions and integrated with LifePlan Building Society, an Adelaide based subsidiary of fellow mutual Australian Unity. As a result, Big Sky became a wholly owned subsidiary of Australian Unity, whose membership at the time stood at 280,000 Australians.

Finally, the resultant new entities; Big Sky Building Society Ltd. and Big Sky Financial Planning (formerly Big Sky Financial Solutions) continue today. In June 2013, Brisbane financial advice business, HN Financial Partners, was acquired by Big Sky Financial Planning.

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114 Albert Road,
South Melbourne, VIC 3205

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